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تجاوز إلى المحتوى الرئيسي

The Idea of creation

Academic Associations and societies represent one of the most important sources that enrich academic life in various communities. Along with other Academic Units, they share university responsibilities in community services. The Saudi Association of Educational and Psychological Sciences "GESTEN"  reiterates the importance of academic thought and continuous professional development in the areas of its specializations and achieving academic communication for its members. In addition,  GESTEN contributes to the provision of academic advice, conducting specialized studies and research that  enrich the educational library, holding meetings that enrich the academic qualities of  its members, and enhancing the intellectual security and balanced educational culture of the participants.

The foundation of the GESTEN has been initiated by a group of educators in Saudi Arabia out of their awareness of the importance of the integrating efforts and  cooperation for  developing education and psychology, and enhancing their status in community. I In addition, the GESTEN is a  link among the specialists.

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