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تجاوز إلى المحتوى الرئيسي


General rules for publication

1. Complete the forms on the Journal's website.

2. Find the absence of linguistic and grammatical errors.

3. abide by the rules of publishing the Journal.

4. not exceed the number of pages (30) printed pages in the form of Word, according to the University of King Saud scientific journals specifications, especially in terms of the font and font type.

5. Find aboard writing two columns except the Savior in Arabic or English form.

6. To the right of the Editorial Board's initial examination of the research and the report of arbitration eligibility, or reject it.

7. sends letter (acceptance for publication) of the researcher in the case accepted for publication, specifying the number that will be published in it.

8. In the case of acceptance for publication, may not be published in the publication of another port on paper or electronically, without the written permission of the editor.

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