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The  success of any academic association  depends on the participation and contribution of the  profession affiliated individuals, The extent to which they exert efforts and support,  and the impact of the teacher and the specialization  on the educational process development. Thus, the Association invites those who would like to join  in order to benefit from their contributions, participation, and expertise. The affiliation to  the Saudi Association for Educational and Psychological Sciences (GESTEN) will have a significant impact on  the professional development  through the availability of opportunities to attend and participate in seminars and meetings with professional colleagues in the various educational institutions. In addition,   one will be able to be informed with the profession news and  activities through the cultural newsletter. Moreover, one can have an access to studies and research  published in the Academic journal issued by the Association. Furthermore, The  Association  provides  opportunities to participate in developing and improving the educational process through the contribution in writing articles, as well as participation in conducting academic research.

These are samples of our targets and we hope to achieve more, thanks to God and to the members’ support. It is our pleasure to invite you to join the Association for contributing to achieve its mission. The number of members of the Association is now more than 3500 members.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:49am