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Journal Publishing Rules

First, the general characteristics of the journal

1. Periodic committed in all what is published in accordance with orthodox Islamic approach upon which the Saudi society, as well as global standards and moral prestigious global publication.

2. Language of publication in the journal is Arabic, and may be published some research in English with a summary of no more than 250 words in Arabic.

3. bother periodic research that address the educational and psychological problems.

4. care research and regenerative nature that contribute to expand the horizons of knowledge in the field of education and psychological field.

5. publish periodic reviews of books that revolve around the fields of education, psychology, that are seen as relevant scientific value in these areas.

6. periodical issued four times a year, the first release in September, and the second during the month of December and the third in March, and the fourth during the month of June.

Second: the periodic goals

Periodic aims to achieve the following:

1. The establishment of an educational and thought myself an actor takes into account the cultural data.

2. Contribute to the development of education programs in Saudi Arabia, particularly, in the Arab and Muslim world in general.

3. Definition interested in all developments in the field of education.

4. Encourage researchers and scholars to research and publication.

Third: publishing rules in the periodic

1. periodical publishing original research that discuss issues and topics of education and psychology.

2. publication of periodic research that has never published, was published in the other hand and not reprints of any other study or thesis.

3. The upper limit for the number of pages printed on page thirty Computer according to the University of King Saud scientific journals specifications.

4. Attach a copy of the research to be published with a short summary in Arabic and exceed (250 words), which explains the title of the research and its objectives and results, and the opening words.

5. commitment to scientific method in the search, and that all quotes are documented, referred to as the sources used.

6. written sources on a separate page in the latest research.

7. Can members of an independent search page at the end of the footnotes.

8. provide the researcher with twenty reprints of consideration and five copies of the periodical in which his research published.

9. To the right of the Editorial Board's initial examination of the research, and the report of its importance to arbitration, or reject it.

10. not published research in the journal only after clearance by the two arbitrators.

11. Editorial Board is not obligated to return the research that link to both been approved for publication or not mow.

12. The reception of research for publication during the academic year only (from August until the end of April of each year).

Fourth: Arbitration

1. Find to send two specialists in the field of research or study to arbitration without mentioning the name of the researcher.

2. In the event of a discrepancy between the results of the arbitrators' report sends a search to a third arbitrator.

3. The arbitrator submit a detailed report on the extent of his vacation to search or not.

4. acted symbolic reward for each arbitrator.

Fifth: Editorial Board

Holds the editorial board of the following tasks:

1. The general policy of the Journal and make sure to follow up implementation.

2. Work on the development and periodic upgrading.

3. The media and the definition of the patrol and attract researchers to share their researches.

4. reception research, review and determine the applicability conditions with publication in the journal.

5. Communicate Research owners received for their research and the possibility of whether or not to publish.

6. Send the research to arbitrators and receive them.

7. Coordinate with the researcher at the need to search some of the amendments.

8. decide on the research is published or not after reviewing the views of the arbitrators and researcher in response to them.

9. receive applications for participation in the patrol.

10 - Coordination with the publisher.

11. Review the first version to make sure the integrity of errors.

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