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The Ministry of Education Award for Excellence

Based on the support and encouragement of best practices and educational initiatives creative within educational institutions, and in the context of seeking to develop the role of these institutions in bringing about development and the rise of national, the embodiment of a culture of quality in work and excellence in educational performance, the announcement of the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia for the establishment of an annual award came for Excellence in Education is expanding year after year to include all elements of the educational system.

The Ministry of Education need to be a sponsor shared jurisdiction and educational trends, was thus the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences (Justin) the ideal partner in this aspect, where he signed the Ministry of Education contract agreement with the Association to oversee the award and fully implemented, and therefore has Justin all work on the prize, such as:

1. The composition of the task forces and committees.

2. building standards and evidence award.

3. Create a web portal (the official website of the award).

4. Print award products.

5. training.

6. supervise the closing ceremony.

7. Visit the winners and winners areas.

This did not come without the help of God Almighty, and the superiority of Association choosing competencies and capacities capable of running the award, as well as the active participation and flexible by the Ministry of Education.

The award was concluded its first month of Shaaban, where the number of applicants to compete for the Ministry of Education Award for Excellence in the first session of nearly eight thousand Advanced, and will be a special celebration for the winners with a ceremony overseen by a distinctAssociation.

It has been agreed between the Saudi Society, and the Ministry of Education that the Association oversees the award for three sessions to come, God willing.

Award of the Ministry of Education for excellence is a yearly discretionary grant from the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom, aimed at decent honoring each of the outstanding teacher and educational leader outstanding of both sexes, as well as outstanding for schools, so in appreciation of their efforts and recognition of creative for their performance, and push them toward permanent excellence Saudi models of community by example in an era of excellence and knowledge society, in addition to encouraging excellence in all educational practices and the Ministry of Education Institutions at the field level and visibility.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:49am