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Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences established Justin Book Award; which aims to encourage copyright movement in the areas of education and psychology, and is seeking to spread the culture of excellence and innovation in the field of educational and psychological publishing, and activate the copyright movement, and encourage Saudis authors in the fields of education and psychology.

Justin comes Book Award investigation of the most important objectives of the association, namely the promotion of scientific research in the fields of education, psychology, and the development of specialized skills in the areas of competence, and is worth mentioning that the award of this year under the auspices of the House system and Information Technology services.

Required in applying for this award:

1. To be the author or authors of the members of the Assembly Saudis.

2. The book should be in the field of education or psychology.

3. that is characterized by novelty and modernity and originality in the IPO.

4. should not have passed on the book's three years from the date of the announcement of the prize.

5. not have the book already won a national award or Arab.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:49am