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7th Board: 1422- 1425 H

Board Directors (Seventh Board 1422- 1425 H)

1. Dr. Othman Ben Nasser Al Boraikan Chairman
2. Dr. Mohammad Ben suliman Al Roaished Vic Chairman
3. Dr. Abdullah Ben Abdulaziz Al Mousa Member and Secretary
4. Dr. Saleh Ben Abdulaziz Al Nassar Member and Secretary for Money
5. Dr. Bader Ben Joiaed Al Otaibi Member
6. Dr. Nizar Ben Hussain Al Saleh Member
7. Dr. Saad Ben Saeed Al Zahrani Member
8. Dr. Abdulaah Ben Suliman Al Fahad Member
9. Dr. Abdulkareem Ben Gharsan Al Zahrani Member
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